BRICS Business Women Alliance
Business network for female entrepreneurs in BRICS countries
The First Public-Private Dialogue "Women and Economy" took place within the framework of the First International Women's Congress of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the BRICS member states on July 3-4, 2017. As an outcome of the Dialogue, an initiative of establishing the BRICS Business Women Alliance (WBA) for the purpose of support women's entrepreneurship
on a regular basis was introduced.
Our goals
to reinforce involvement of women in the economy and to build personal capacity
to broaden the access of women to resources and capital
to promote business network among women in the BRICS countries
to build personal capacity and education
BRICS Business Women Alliance was presented in Saint Petersburg
On the margins of the Second Eurasian Women's Forum, the discussion was held.

September, 21, 2018
Business Women Alliance in BRICS Summit Johannesburg Declaration
BRICS Business Women Alliance was included in BRICS Summit Johannesburg Declaration. President of Russian Federation made a statement for the press mentioning the Alliance as Russian initiative.

«Emphasising the role played by women in promoting inclusive development, we note the work being done to consider the establishment of the BRICS Women's Forum and the BRICS Women's Business Alliance.»

July, 27, 2018
Female entrepreneurs of India supported the initiative of BRICS WBA
The discussion of BRICS WBA was held in Delhi.

December, 14, 2017
One vision, one purpose.
A story of kindness and empowerment from local community of South African province Free State.

Interview with Vanda Gagiano, the Honorary President of Free State Women Agricultural Union.

October, 24, 2017
Chinese business supported the idea of Russia to create BRIСS Women Business Alliance
The chairman of the Chinese part of the BRICS Business Council, Xu Lirong supported the idea of the Russian side to create a business alliance for BRICS women. At the same time, Vladimir Putin mentioned the idea of creating the business alliance in an article written on the eve of the BRICS Summit.

September, 1, 2017
The initiative to create the BRIСS Women Business Alliance was announced at the meeting of the BRICS leaders and the Business Counsil
Vladimir Putin: "The creation of BRICS Women`s Business Alliance is worked out with partners."

September, 4, 2017
In Novosibirsk, the initiative to create the BRIСS Women Business Alliance was announced
At the First International Congress of Women of the SCO and BRICS, women's business circles from the Russian side proposed the creation of the BRICS Women Business Alliance. The idea of creating the Alliance was announced to the participants of the Congress by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Rus Trade Anna Nesterova.

July, 4, 2017
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