Chinese Chapter
Information about the Chinese Chapter of the BRICS Women's Business Alliance
  • Dong Mingzhu
    Head of Working Group on Creative Industries and Tourism
    Chairperson of Board and President

    Gree Electric Appliance
  • Zhao Haiying
    Chairperson of BRICS WBA Chinese Chapter
    Head of Working Group on Food Security and Environmental Safety

    Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

    China Investment Corporation (CIC)
  • Diane Wang
    Head of Working Group on Inclusive Economy
    Founder and Chairperson&CEO
  • Catherine Chen
    Head of Working Group on Innovative Development
    Corporate Senior Vice President, Director of Board
  • Wen Jia
    Head of Working Group on Healthcare
    Partner, President of Public Affairs
    Alibaba Group
Initiatives and Projects
Initiatives and Projects of the BRICS WBA Chinese Chapter
  • BRICS Women's Innovation Contest
    The 2022 BRICS Women's Innovation Contest was successfully held from March to May

    Under the framework of the BRICS Women's Business Alliance (BRICS WBA), the Contest was initiated by the BRICS WBA's China Chapter and jointly organized by Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa Chapters

    The contest finally selected 15 "Mulan Award" and 5 "Special Contribution for Combatting COVID-19 Pandemic" winners from 449 contestants

  • BRICS Women's Leadership Forum
    The Forum's theme - "Let Your Inner Strength Shine Through"

    2022 BRICS Women's Leadership Forum was held at the same time with the Award Ceremony of BRICS Women Innovation Contest, on May 31

    The Forum this year focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, women's achievements, careers, social responsibilities, and other issues of concern to various parties in the process of women's empowerment and development

    The Forum provided a platform to share best practices and successful experiences, aiming to open up channels of dialogues for women's empowerment and development, and to lay a solid foundation for economic and trade cooperation among the BRICS countries
  • BRICS Women's Development Report
    This report is prepared in the hope of providing an overview of current status and progress of women's development in the BRICS countries

    The report extensively tracks and studies the current status of women's health, social security, education, economic opportunities and participation in decision-making and management in BRICS countries, and showcases the best practices in each country

    This report also focuses on exploring the challenges and obstacles to women's development, and actively seeks solutions that can be broadly applied with the aim of improving women's healthcare, education and security, promoting women's career development and increasing women's economic and political participation
Projects in Documents
  • BRICS Women's Development Report 2022