Russian Chapter
Information about the Russian Chapter of the BRICS Women's Business Alliance
  • Olga Belyavtseva
    Head of Working Group on Food Security and Environmental Safety
    Founder and Chairperson of Board of Directors
    JSC Progress and Agronom-sad LLC
  • Anna Nesterova
    Chairperson of BRICS WBA Russian Chapter
    Head of Working Group on Innovative Development

    Chairperson of Board of Directors
    Global Rus Trade
  • Elena Chashchina
    Head of Working Group on Creative Industries and Tourism
    Co-owner and Managing Partner
    EPOTOS Group of Companies
  • Ludmila Shcherbakova
    Head of Working Group on Healthcare
    Bright Way Group
  • Galina Volkova
    Head of Working Group on Inclusive Economy
Initiatives and Projects
Initiatives and Projects of the BRICS WBA Russian Chapter
  • BRICS Women's Business Alliance Platform
    Alliance platform will become a common information and communication tool for women entrepreneurs in the BRICS countries

    Joint projects

    Database of companies owned or managed by women

    Educational materials, courses, articles

    Information content: news, videos, interviews, events, partners

    Research and surveys

    Information on the activities of working groups, documents and agreements


  • Care Economy. The BRICS White Paper
    Project aims to facilitate women's promotion in the Care economy

    Policy recommendations to address women's challenges in the Care economy and to unleash their potential in this sphere of economy
  • Career Counselling Center of BRICS Women's Business Alliance
    Support of the development and strengthening of women's global interaction

    Promote the empoyment of women who have lost their jobs, return after the maternity leave, have many children and who are in difficult life circumstances

    Improve gender balance and overcome ageism

    Discover professional potential
  • BRICS Green Fashion & Universal Design Forum
    Exhibition of designers' collections from the BRICS countries, made of eco-friendly technologies and materials and with the principles of universal design

    Forum of young and famous designers from the BRICS countries, round tables, master classes

    Fashion show with a contest of designers and manufacturing companies

    Invitation of buyers
  • BRICS Organic Farming Association
    Association aimed at improving the quality of food in the BRICS countries

    Association will focus on:
    Exchange of experience and best practices in the implementation of organic farming systems,

    Support for educational and research programs in organic farming

    Training farmers to increase food sustainability using smart, clean and efficient technologies
Projects in Documents
  • Career Counselling Center of BRICS Women's Business Alliance
  • BRICS Women's Business Alliance Platform