Сhinese Entrepreneurs Support Idea of Russia to Create BRICS Women`s Business Alliance

01 September 2017
China, Russia

September 1, in Shanghai the chairman of the Chinese part of the BRICS Business Council, Xu Lirong supported the idea of the Russian side to create a BRIСS Women`s Business Alliance and asked other members of the BRICS Business Council to work out the initiative.

The initiator of the discussion had been Anna Nesterova, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Rus Trade, said in a press release received by the “Russian Paper”. At the same time, the idea of creating a BRIСS Women`s Business Alliance was also mentioned by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the article written on the eve of the BRICS summit.

“Russia is in favor of forming a public-private dialogue “Women and the economy”. It means moving to permanent basis discussions with representatives of business and expert circles, women’s associations, and government agencies of the BRICS countries. The first meeting of the Dialogue was held on July 4, 2017 in Novosibirsk, Russia, on the margins of the First International Congress of Women of the SCO and BRICS countries. Parties discuss the idea of creating the BRIСS Women`s Business Alliance, which is a network of professional communication of women entrepreneurs using a specialized electronic information resource,” the president wrote.

In turn, Anna Nesterova noted that the format of the business alliance involves the creation of an online platform on the basis of which the parties will conduct national and international meetings of working groups, B2B sessions, lectures and TED-talks from successful women entrepreneurs.

As specified on the site of the club, its participants will be leaders and founders of business, as well as those who actively help the development of women’s entrepreneurship. The initiative is going to be discussed during the BRICS Business Forum in China’s Xiamen, which will be held on September 3 this year.

Source: Russian Paper