BRICS WBA Russian Chapter Meets with Representatives of Chemical and Petrochemical Chamber of Argentina in Moscow

14 July 2022
Russia, Russia

On July 14, the Russian Chapter of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance held a joint meeting in Moscow with the representatives of the Chemical and Petrochemical Chamber of Argentina.

President Yamil Quispe and Executive Director Pablo Ivalde represented the Chamber of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries of Argentina. Elina Pakhomova, Director for Development of International Strategic Partnerships, and Anna Efimova, Director of North American Region, also took part in the meeting on behalf of the Chamber. 

Anna Nesterova, Chairperson of the Russian Chapter, presented the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance.

Anna presented the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance. She recounted the history of the creation of the Alliance and its members, detailing its objectives, structure, and main areas of cooperation. She particularly emphasized initiatives taken under the auspices of the Alliance such as the development of the Alliance platform by the Russian side as well as significant achievements of the Alliance since its establishment.

Anna Nesterova emphasized the importance of the meeting in strengthening Russian-Argentine relations, as well as many prospects for multilateral cooperation with all five BRICS countries. 

Representatives of the Argentinean side focused on women entrepreneurship in Argentina, trends in its development and creation of great potential for career growth. Yamil Quispe and Pablo Ivalde also shared the success of the Chamber of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries of Argentina and stated the serious progress in this direction in recent years. 

The meeting was held in a constructive and positive atmosphere. The sides discussed in detail the possibilities of cooperation in the fields of social entrepreneurship, agriculture, energy, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. 

The Argentine side pointed out the established mutual trust between Russia and Argentina and pointed out the necessity of continuous search for new opportunities to develop business relations. Anna Nesterova supported foreign colleagues and offered to organize a meeting of Argentine businesswomen with the Russian part of the Alliance to discuss prospects of business cooperation and possibility of joint projects. 

At the end of the meeting Anna Nesterova showed the guests a limited collection of Russian Palekh Watch. Pointing to the originality and work of Palekh craftsmen, Anna told about the plans to create a separate marketplace to sell the product and stressed the importance of development and preservation of national culture.