BRICS WBA Russian Chapter Visits the United Arab Emirates

06 March 2024
United Arab Emirates, Dubai

On March 6, 2024, Anna Nesterova, Chairperson of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance, spoke at the 26th International Congress of Women Leaders. 

The 26th International Women Leaders Congress takes place from March 6 to 8 in Dubai, UAE. The Congress has become a platform for women leaders from different regions and countries to share their experience and knowledge. 

During her speech at the panel session “Women Leaders International Positions: Joining the International Institutions” Anna introduced the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance, told about its activities, main projects and initiatives, as well as the work plan and activities for the period of the Russian Chairship of the BRICS in 2024. 

Anna emphasized the importance of integrating the new BRICS member countries, namely Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Iran and Ethiopia, into the activities of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance to increase its potential and expand opportunities for women entrepreneurs.