Field Day of the Tula Region – 2023

13 June 2023

On June 22nd–23rd, 2023, the region will host the innovative agricultural trade show “Field Day of the Tula Region”. As per tradition, the government of the region organizes this event on the premises of an agricultural enterprise. In 2023, the festive event will be hosted by one of the leading agricultural companies in the region – the Lazarevskoye Breeding Company. Leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, plant protection products, fertilizers, and seeds will be presenting their products at the trade show, representing businesses from Russia, Belarus, China, India, Turkey, and other countries. 

The total area of the trade show covers 332 hectares, of which: 

● 311 hectares are allocated for plant protection products, hybrids, seed treatment systems, fungicides, and seed producers (50 hectares will be occupied by winter and spring crops; and 90 hectares by leguminous, industrial and oilseed crops, including rapeseed, soybeans, corn, and sunflower); 

● 21 hectares are allocated for the purposes of demonstrating agricultural machinery. The most popular machines for working in the field (combine harvesters, tractors, tillage equipment and seeders) will be presented by both domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers and distributors. 

More than 45 companies have already confirmed their participation and will soon present their products at the trade show: Russian Agricultural Bank, Gazprombank, Sberbank, Avgust JSC, EkoNiva Group, AgroSnab Ltd., BashInkom Ltd., PhosAgro PJSC, and others. About 1000 guests and exhibitors are expected in total: industry professionals, leading specialists and business representatives. 

The trade show will be held on June 22nd–23rd on the territory of the Lazarevskoye Breeding Company (Tula region, Shchekinsky district, Rzhavo village). Admission is free.
Contacts for communication:

Regarding participation: Vasily Filippov, +7 910 150-59-31,
For media accreditation: Alina Oblygina, +7 916 882-83-07,

The Lazarevskoye Breeding Company is one of the largest agricultural enterprises in the Tula region, operating since 1981. It specializes in producing and processing agricultural products. The company has had a significant influence in advancing the pig breeding industry both in the Tula region, as well as in Russia as a whole, supplying more than 10,000 tons of pork of the best breeds to the market every year. The company’s facilities include a pig-breeding complex, a meat processing plant, a dairy processing shop, a compound feeds shop, and a crop production shop. Its own retail network spans 42 stores.