Russia Chapter Launches Expert Dialogue on Energy Security and ESG

14 July 2023

On July 14, 2023, BRICS WBA Russia Chapter held a kick-off meeting with representatives of energy companies to launch an expert dialogue on energy security and ESG.

Anna Nesterova, the Chairperson of BRICS WBA Russia Chapter, welcomed the participants of the meeting and told them about the structure, activities, tasks and work principles of the Alliance. 

Olga Yudina, Russian Senior Energy Official in BRICS, Coordinator of Russian Secretariat of BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform, Adviser to Director General, Russian Energy Agency by Ministry of Energy of Russia, noted that the expert dialogue initiatives should go in one direction. She also talked about the work within the official track on energy security and ESG through the Ministry. 

Elena Chashchina, the Head of Working Group on Creative Industries and Tourism of BRICS WBA Russian Chapter, will head the expert dialogue from the Russian side. Elena informed the representatives of energy companies about the further action plan for launching work at the international level within the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance. 

Representatives of major energy companies presented the activities and results of the work on ESG-track. In addition, proposals on possible areas of cooperation within BRICS, including unification of the regulatory and legal framework, creation of a single market of carbon units, development of measures to reduce the carbon footprint and establishment of an educational platform on this topic in the BRICS countries were made during the meeting. 

Oksana Dutova, General Director of LLC «Center for Technological Development», also participated in the meeting. Oksana presented proposals for the work of the expert dialogue such as preparation of analytical reports of companies and development of a joint strategy. 

Summing up the meeting, all representatives expressed their interest in soonest launch of the dialogue and agreed to create a communication channel for quick interaction and development of proposals on the energy security and ESG.