Boiketlo Ba Basali Women Conference – A Triumph for Women’s Empowerment and International Cooperation

29 June 2024
South Africa, South Africa

On June 29, Lesotho BRICS WBA Country Centre hosted the Boiketlo Ba Basali Women Conference, a landmark event that underscored the power of collaboration and the critical role of women in driving economic development.

Organized in partnership with the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance (WBA), the conference brought together an energetic assembly of women entrepreneurs, business leaders, and government officials, all united by a shared vision of empowerment and progress.

The conference was led by Mme Nthati Moorosi, the Minister of ICT, Science, and Innovation. Her leadership was complemented by the presence of South Africa’s High Commissioner to Lesotho, H.E. Mme Constance Seoposengwe, the Chairperson of BRICS WBA South Africa, Mme Lebogang Zulu, and the Lesotho BRICS WBA Country Centre Chairperson, Mme Lineo Nare.

A Celebration of Energy and Collaboration: The Boiketlo Ba Basali Women Conference was characterized by its highly charged and energetic atmosphere. Attendees celebrated the spirit of collaboration and the potential for transformative change through collective action. The event underscored the importance of international partnerships in driving economic empowerment for women, setting a precedent for future initiatives within the BRICS and BRICS+ frameworks.

Pioneering Projects and Groundbreaking Agreements: The conference was marked by the unveiling of several pioneering cooperation projects and the signing of a significant Memorandum of Cooperation between Lesotho, South Africa, and Brazil.

This agreement aims to empower women in agriculture through the Small Scale Women Poultry Farmers Development Programme and the establishment of a high-tech poultry production plant. This initiative is poised to enhance food security and economic independence for women in the agricultural sector.

Furthermore, the conference showcased a collaborative initiative between Lesotho, India, and South Africa to establish a new hydro power plant and upgrade the Lesotho transmission line feeding into South Africa, presenting significant opportunities for economic cooperation, mutual benefits, and enhanced energy infrastructure to ensure a reliable electricity supply essential for sustainable development.

The establishment of the Global South Queens Media House was another key highlight. This media house aims to link Lesotho with BRICS+ nations, providing a platform to document and promote the economic participation of women across the Global South.

This initiative is expected to amplify the voice of BRICS in Africa, facilitate knowledge exchange and foster deeper international collaborations.

Furthermore, plans for the establishment of a fuel storage and distribution facility, which will enhance energy security and support economic activities in the region, marking a significant step towards regional development, were also unveiled.