BRICS Women's
June 2- 4, 2024
Moscow, Russia
June 3, 16:30 – 18:10
Panel session «Tourism in BRICS: On the Way to Synergy»
The share of tourists visiting the BRICS countries is noticeably increasing, which contributes to the development of the tourism sector. The growth in tourist flow will have a positive impact on the economy of each of the BRICS countries, the preservation of the currency balance, and the strengthening of our countries' positions in the international tourism market. A key condition in this regard is to ensure comfortable and safe conditions for the movement and stay of tourists in the BRICS countries, as well as at transportation, tourist infrastructure, cultural, and natural heritage sites.
What is your opinion on the implementation of unified quality standards for safety of tourism services?
What support measures need to be taken to create unified safety standards?
What are the barriers to tourism development today?
What does accessible tourism mean for each of the BRICS countries?
What does seamless tourism mean for each of the BRICS countries?
Elena Chashschina, Co-owner and Managing Partner of the EPOTOS Group of Companies

Beulah Mosupye, Founder and CEO of Hauweng Society, Tourism for All (South Africa)