BRICS Women's
June 2- 4, 2024
Moscow, Russia
June 3, 16:30 – 18:10
Panel session «The role of women in an Inclusive BRICS Economy»
Women play a key role in the inclusive economies of the BRICS countries as drivers of socio-economic progress and important actors in shaping a sustainable and diverse labor market.

The session speakers will share their experience and best practices to enhance women's participation in shaping an inclusive business environment that promotes sustainable development in the BRICS countries.
Galina Volkova, CEO of Orthomoda

Maryam Zakeri, CEO of BarmalSegal Iranian Trading Company
Dr. Rfah Alyami, Director of the Education Policy Research Centre for Knowledge Management at the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia
  • Galina Volkova
    CEO of Orthomoda