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This Privacy Policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”) represents the rules of use by the Limited Liability Company Global Rus Trade of the received personal data of the User.

Terms and definitions
1.1. The following terms and definitions shall be used in this document and in the relations between the Right Holder and the User arising from or related to it:

a) Right Holder: Limited Liability Company Global Rus Trade, OGRN (Primary State Registration Number): 1157746506170; INN (Taxpayer Identification Number): 7733237194, Address: 3 Bolotnaya naberezhnaya, Bld. 2, block I, Moscow, Russian Federation, 119072.
b) User:a person who has signed a User Agreement (hereinafter also referred to as the “Agreement”) with the Right Holder in his/her interests or in the interests of a third party in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the User Agreement.
c) Contract: a contract for the free use of the Website and/or the Service provided on its basis (Agreement), a service agreement or other agreement with the Right Holder, proposed to signing and/or signed by the User on the basis of any offer posted on the Website.
d) Website: an automated information system for cross-border electronic commerce available on the Internet at (including subdomains):
e) Service: a set of functionalities of the Website and the Content posted in it, the access to which is provided to Users.
1.2. This Policy uses the terms and definitions provided for in the Agreement, as well as other Contracts signed with the User, unless otherwise provided by this Policy or follows from its essence. In other cases, the interpretation of a term used in the Policy shall be made in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, business customs or scientific doctrine.

General Provisions
2.1. This Policy is an integral part of the documents referring to it, including the User Agreement posted on the Website, the Rules for the Provision of Information Services and Contracts signed on their basis.

2.2. Using the Service, registering on the Website, sending a request to the Right Holder through the feedback form, placing an Order and/or signing a Contract, you freely, of your own free will and in your own interests give your written consent to the following methods of processing Personal Data: recording, systematization, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (provision, access) to third parties, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction for the purposes and in the manner established by this Policy, with or without the use of automation tools at the discretion of the Right Holder.

2.3. The legislation of the Russian Federation shall be applied to this Policy, including the interpretation of its provisions and the procedure for adoption, performance, modification and termination.

Personal Data
3.1. Personal Data in this Policy refers to:

3.1.1. Information provided by the User about himself during registration and/or authorization on the Website, as well as in the process of other use of the Service, including personal data of the User.

3.1.2. Data that is transmitted automatically depending on the settings of the User’s software in an anonymized form.

3.2. The Right Holder has the right to establish requirements for the content of the User’s Personal Data, which must be provided for the use of the Service and/or the signing of the Contract by specifying such information. If certain information is not marked as mandatory by the Right Holder, its provision or disclosure shall be carried out by the User at his/her discretion.

3.3. When registering, the User must specify the name (in native and English languages) and email address. Additionally, when registering, the User can specify personal telephone number.

In order to fill in the profile on the Website, the User can additionally provide the following data: date of birth, country, photo, age, brief biography, business direction. The User acting on behalf of an organization can specify his/her position in the organization and a work phone number.

The User acting on behalf of an organization must provide the following information about the organization: name in native and English languages, legal address, tax identification number and/or registration number (for Russian organizations – INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) and OGRN (Primary State Registration Number)), phone number, email, website and year of foundation of the organization, and can provide additional information and materials. Information about the organization is not personal data.

When the User sends a request to the Right Holder through the feedback form on the Website, the name, email address and subscriber phone number must be specified.

3.4. Publicly available information. Depending on the functional features of the Service and/or User settings, User profile data may be available to an unlimited number of persons – Internet users and/or other Users. The User shall give his informed consent for access to such data of his/her profile by an unlimited number of persons. The profile data shall become public, taking into account his/her settings, from the moment of placement in the Service by the User or at his/her request.

3.5. The Right Holder will not verify the accuracy of the Personal Data provided and the User’s consent to its processing in accordance with this Policy, believing that the User acts in good faith, prudently and makes all necessary efforts to maintain such information up to date and obtain all necessary consents of the subjects of personal data.

3.6. The User understands, accepts and agrees that the Right Holder uses the third party software on the Website and/or in the Service, as a result of which such third parties can receive and transfer anonymized data automatically.

These third-party software includes systems for the collection and processing of analytical data:

Google Analytics, which collects and processes data in accordance with the privacy policy posted and/or available on the Internet at:;
Metrica that collects and processes data in accordance with the privacy policy posted and/or available on the Internet at:
Data collected using third party software may include:

browser data (type, version, cookies);
operating system data (type, version, screen resolution);
web page request data (time, transition source, IP address);
other anonymized data about the User’s actions in the Service.
The content, as well as the conditions for the collection and use of anonymized data by the Right Holders of the specified software shall be determined directly by such Right Holders and shall be governed by the documents that are posted and/or available on their websites on the Internet.

By accepting this Policy, as well as by making certain settings in his/her software, the User agrees to the terms of collection and use of data by the Right Holders of the above software.

Anonymized data are not combined with the User information specified in p. 3.1.1, and are not used to identify Users.

Purposes of Personal Data processing
4.1. The Right Holder shall process, as well as collect and store only the Personal Data that is necessary for signing and performance of Contracts with the User.

4.2. The Right Holder has the right to use Personal Data for the following purposes:

4.2.1. Signing an Agreement for the use of the Service, as well as other Contracts with the use of the Service. Signing of Contracts is carried out in remote manner by means of exchange of electronic documents that are signed by simple electronic signature. In this case, the role of the key of a simple electronic signature of the User can be performed by the pair “password – email address”. Therefore, they are requested at registration.

4.2.2. Performance of obligations under the signed Agreement and other Contracts, including providing the User with access to the Service and technical support, using the functionality of the Service by the User.

In order to implement the relevant functionality of the Service, the Right Holder shall store, organize and display on the Website Users profiles containing Personal Data that Users have made publicly available.

4.2.3. Ensuring the security and privacy of the User’s Personal Data.

In order to check suspicious actions, the Website’s software will collect information about the IP address and browser used by the User.

4.2.4. Notification within the framework of information service and/or improvement of the quality of Service under the signed Contracts, including with the involvement of third parties.

To do this, the User’s email address and phone number are used.

4.2.5. Marketing, statistical and other research based on anonymized data in order to improve the quality of the Service provided.

Data from the analytical data collection systems specified in p. 3.6 of the Policy are collected and analyzed in anonymized form in order to learn about the interests and preferences of Users.

4.2.6. Targeting of advertising and/or informational materials with the use of anonymized data from the systems of collection of analytical data referred to in p. 3.6 of the Policy.

Requirements for the protection of Personal Data
5.1. The Right Holder shall store Personal Data and ensure its protection from unauthorized access and distribution in accordance with internal rules and regulations.

5.2. In respect of the User’s Personal Data, its privacy is maintained, except when the technology of the Service provided or the settings of the software used by the User provide for the exchange of information with other members of the Internet.

5.3. In order to improve the quality of the Service, the Right Holder has the right to store log files of the actions performed by the User within the framework of using the Service within 1 (One) year.

5.4. Users who have access to personal data of other Users in connection with signing and/or performance of contracts between them are obliged to comply with the provisions of paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2 of this Policy, as well as to process the received personal data in accordance with this Policy and applicable law.

Information transfer
6.1. The Right Holder has the right to transfer Personal Data to third parties in the following cases:

The User has expressed his/her consent to such actions, including the use by the User of the settings of the software used, which do not limit the provision of certain information.
In connection with the use of third-party software on the Website to collect and process User data. In particular, the Right Holder may use third-party software to collect and process anonymized data in accordance with p. 3.6 of this Policy.
In connection with the transfer of the Website of the Right Holder for the possession, use or ownership of a third party, or assignment of rights under contracts signed with the User in favor of a third party.
At the request of a court or other authorized state body within the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
To protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Right Holder in connection with the violation of Contracts signed with the User.
Change and deletion of Personal Data
7.1. At any time, the User has the right to edit in his/her account the Personal Data provided by him/her during registration or authorization.

7.2. In the event of termination of the Agreement and/or the Contract, the User may delete his/her account independently or by contacting the support service of the Right Holder on the Website

Changes to this Privacy Policy
8.1. This Policy may be changed or terminated by the Right Holder unilaterally without prior notice to the User. The new version of the Policy shall enter into force upon its posting on the Website of the Right Holder, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy.

8.2. The current version of the Policy is available on the Website of the Right Holder on the Internet at

8.3. Details of the Right Holder:

Limited Liability Company Global Rus Trade

OGRN (Primary State Registration Number): 1157746506170;

INN (Taxpayer Identification Number): 7733237194;

Legal address: 3 Bolotnaya naberezhnaya, Bld. 2, block I, Moscow, Russian Federation, 119072.


Current version of the Policy dated 01/05/2021.

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