Alliance Develops Policy Recommendation and Cooperation Initiatives to Empower Women in STEM

06 May 2022

On May 6, the Alliance Working Group Meeting on Innovative Development was held. Experts discussed the most pressing issues for women entrepreneurs in this area and proposed a number of measures to overcome the problems. 

Despite increased visibility of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields among the BRICS over the past few years, there is no denying that gender disparities and the resulting inequalities still remain widespread in STEM fields. With the world, accelerated by the Covid-19, is transitioning fast towards a digital economy, women who remain severely undervalued and invisible need to fully participate in the science and technology sectors, in order to take a fair share of the productivity dividends from the latest round of technological innovations. As emerging economies, the BRICS should use Women in STEM as an opportunity for cooperation and enhance their competitiveness in the digital era. 

In this regard, it is suggested to: 

  • Establish a collaborative R&D platform that fosters substantive interactions and connections of women researchers, scientists and STEM-centric industries among the BRICS, In addition, to increase women researchers’ exposure with the industry in the BRICS. 
  • Empower female technology entrepreneurs with a well- established entrepreneurial network, help aspiring women entrepreneurs in science and technology start and grow their own businesses by providing one-on-one entrepreneurial mentoring, incubator/accelerator programs, professional advisory and skills development. 
  • Further develop BRICS Women Business Alliance online platform as key mechanism for building partnerships amongst BRICS women in various spheres. Nowadays, online platform solutions have become one of the most significant tools for building connections and developing partnerships. BRICS Women Business Alliance online platform can serve as a mechanism for knowledge, experience and best practice sharing and help to establishing business partnerships between women entrepreneurs. 
  • To put gender issues on the media’s agenda and to increase cultural exchange on the theme of women’s roles and achievements in STEM across the BRICS.