Indian Chapter Holds BRICS WBA Meeting on Eve of International Women’s Day

07 March 2021

On March 7th 2021, BRICS WBA Meeting on the Eve of International Women’s Day was held. 

In the opening remarks, Dr. Sangita Reddy, Pro Tempore Chairperson of the WBA, shared that greater inclusion of women in the workforce and women-led entrepreneurship forms the basis of BRICS WBA’s agenda for the year 2021 during India’s Chairship. 

Chairperson of the Brazilian Chapter, Ms. Grazielle Parenti, emphasised that in addition to the focus on improving the health and education indicators for women, it is important to also address challenges related to inequality in the labour market and women in leadership roles where the gender gap is too high. 

Ms. Anna Nesterova, Chairperson of the Russian Chapter, shared that as for the SDG goals, Russia’s strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership and BRICS Women’s Business Alliance includes special projects such as:

  • Development of BRICS WBA Digital Platform;
  • Establishment of the BRICS Organic Farming Association for conserving agricultural land for future generations and improving the quality of food in the BRICS countries;
  • Vevelopment of BRICS Tourism & Transport Fire Safety Toolkit for preserving the environment and protecting human life;
  • Organizing of BRICS Cultural Forum “Green Fashion & Universal Design” for promotion of products & services of female designers within BRICS countries.

Ms. Ma Lu announced a China Chapter of BRICS WBA initiative to hold the WBA Women Innovation Contest, which will take place from March – June 2021.

The South Africa Chapter, represented by its Chairperson Ms. Lebogang Zulu, mentioned that it will ensure to keep up with the work already being done by other chapters and share their own proposals for consideration. 

Dr. Sangita Reddy presented BRICS WBA India Work Plan 2021, which included timelines for discussions for the year ahead, including the organization of BRICS Women led businesses Exposition, development of BRICS WBA Compendium on Positive Stories on Women and BRICS WBA Knowledge Papers.

The meeting concluded with Closing Remarks and Message on International Women’s Day by all the participating BRICS WBA Chairs.