Joint Working Group Meeting on Innovative Development Takes Place

20 June 2023
Russia, Russia

On June 20, 2023, BRICS WBA held a Joint Working Group meeting dedicated to issues related to promotion and support of the participation of women in the digital economy space across the BRICS countries. The session was being moderated by Veronica Motloutsi.

During the meeting BRICS WBA South Africa Chapter presented four key cooperative initiatives which became the main part of the discussion: 

The first initiative is aimed at developing and implementing comprehensive skills development programs that focus on ICT education and training for women. 

The second initiative involves the creation of women’s digital networks, both within and across BRICS countries, to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and peer support.

The third initiative is devoted to the establishment of venture capital funds or innovation grants specifically designed to finance women’s ICT initiatives and encourage their participation in the startup ecosystem. 

Finally, the fourth initiative focuses on launching joint public awareness campaigns to challenge gender stereotypes and promote the importance of women’s participation and leadership in the digital economy and ICT sector. 

BRICS WBA Russia Chapter told about the development of the Common BRICS Women’s Business Alliance Platform, which will become a common information and communication tool for women in the BRICS countries. The Platform was unanimously supported by the BRICS WBA Chapters. It has been developed by Russia Chapter since 2021. 

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to further consider the proposed initiatives and agreed to exchange views on this issue.