BRICS WBA Discusses Launch of BRICS Organic Farming Association

27 June 2023

On June 27, 2023, the meeting of the Joint Working Group on Food Security and Environmental Safety took place under South Africa’s Chairship in BRICS WBA. 

The discussion was devoted to the launch of the BRICS Organic Farming Association. 

Experts from all five countries confirmed the relevance and importance of the establishment of the Association in modern conditions to strengthen food security and improve access to quality and safe food at affordable prices for the population of the BRICS countries. 

BRICS WBA South Africa Chapter stressed that many countries on the African continent, such as Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe, were interested in the establishment of the Association. 

BRICS WBA Russia Chapter noted that the BRICS Organic Farming Association is an important and necessary initiative whose main objective is the formation of a common market for the production and consumption of organic products. To this end, the BRICS member countries need to develop common legislation in this area, comply with internationally recognized rules and general principles of organic production, make and sign an agreement on mutual recognition of organic farming and consider the issue of the national certification marks that label organic products. According to Russia Chapter, these measures would allow the free production and sale of organic products in the BRICS countries. 

Moreover, the timeliness of Association’s establishment was noted by BRICS WBA India and China Chapters’ representatives. 

The most important direction of the Association is the assignment of standards for organic products, the order of which is also to be agreed by the participants of the Association after its establishment. 

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to develop and approve the Statute of the Association, determine its structure and communication procedures and launch the Association this August.