BRICS WBA Holds Meeting of Working Group on Creative Industries and Tourism

29 June 2023
Russia, Russia

On June 27, 2023, the BRICS Women Business Alliance held a meeting of Working Group on Creative Industries and Tourism. The session was chaired by Beulah Mosupye and moderated by Ipeleng Mkhari. 

The welcome speech was given by Beulah Mosupye, who presented a report on stimulating tourism in the BRICS countries through fashion, food and film industries. The representative of BRICS WBA South Africa noted that the development of the film and gastronomy industries as well as the organization of festivals and other events could increase tourist flows in the BRICS countries. This initiative was supported by representatives of other Chapters. 

Brazil and India Chapters put forward an initiative to develop the sphere of television and cinema in order to increase interest in tourism in the BRICS countries. 

As for other proposals in the field of creative industries and tourism, Elena Chashchina, the Head of the BRICS WBA Russia Chapter Working Group on Creative Industries and Tourism, reminded of the need to establish a common approach on tourism development and transport safety in the BRICS countries.

BRICS WBA China Chapter, in its turn, emphasized the importance of digital technologies, the Internet and artificial intelligence in the development of tourism. 

Summing up the meeting, Beulah Mosupier, the representative of BRICS WBA South Africa Chapter, thanked all the participants and stressed that the proposed initiatives should be taken into account at further meetings.