Chinese Chapter Organizes 2021 BRICS Women Innovation Contest

20 April 2021

At the BRICS Summit on November 17, 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed “the holding of the BRICS women’s innovation contest”, which received support from BRICS leaders. In 2021, the BRICS Women Innovation Contest, jointly organized by the Chinese Chapter, WBA, and co-sponsored by the Indian, Russian, Brazilian, and South African Chapters, WBA, hits the ground. 

The Contest will focus on the “Whole Industry Chain” of cultural creativity and aims to pool together the talents of women and promote the innovative development of the cultural and creative industries in BRICS countries. The Contest is accessible to all businesswomen among BRICS countries and aims to unleash women’s potentials and innovation in the cultural and creative industries. It also pays special attention to new products, new services, new markets, and new opportunities for women-led small and medium-sized enterprises featuring green, and technological.

Candidates should meet part of the following conditions: 

– Women’s entrepreneurship: Women founders or core management leaders, and headquartered in the BRICS countries.
– Business areas: Engaging in areas related to cultural creativity with a focus on concepts such as Green, and technology.
– Long-term strategy: With forward-looking strategic thinking, clear goals, continued investment in talent development, and a commitment to international development.
– Social responsibility: Attaching importance to social responsibility, taking comprehensive social impact as the development strategy, and inspiring teams to commit to a shared vision.

More detailed information is available here.
Official registration link