BRICS WBA Launches Common Alliance’s Digital Platform

03 June 2024

On June 3, 2024, at the BRICS Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum, the official launch of the key and flagship project of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance – the Common Digital Platform – took place.

The general partner of the BRICS Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum is Sberbank.

The project to create the Platform as the main resource of the Alliance was proposed by the Russian Chapter in 2021 and was unanimously supported by all BRICS WBA National Chapters.

The platform will contain information about the history of the Alliance, areas of cooperation, events, documents, including the declaration on establishment, terms of reference, summit declarations, strategies, reports and etc.

Besides, on the platform there will be joint projects and initiatives, where users can see the status of their implementation, the initiating country and find all the necessary information.

The platform will contain educational materials, training courses, articles, research and surveys, information on the activities of working groups, chats, news, videos, interviews.

The platform will create a database of companies owned or managed by women and will become the most important communication resource on which women entrepreneurs from the BRICS countries will be able to communicate, register their businesses, search for and establish direct contacts with partners from the countries of the association.

Thus, in the year of the Russia’s Chairship and expansion of BRICS, it is the Platform that will ensure seamless integration of new countries into the Alliance’s agenda and build work with women from Egypt, Ethiopia Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE in one information field. The Platform will become a single window for women entrepreneurs from 10 countries.