South African Chapter
Information about the South African Chapter of the BRICS Women's Business Alliance
  • Lebogang Zulu
    Chairperson of BRICS WBA South African Chapter

    AV Group of Companies
  • Ipeleng Mkhari
    Head of Working Group on Creative Industries and Tourism
    Founder and CEO

    Motseng Investment Holdings
  • Sally Mudly-Padayachie
    Head of Working Group on Healthcare
    Board Member
    South African Weather Services
  • Phindile Spies
    Head of Working Group on Innovative Development
    Shared Interest Investments
Initiatives and Projects
Initiatives and Projects of the BRICS WBA South African Chapter
Jonga Women's Trade Expo
Connect, Collaborate, Contract, Jonga Women's Trade Expo forms part of the National Women's Day

It brings on board women entrepreneurs working within the renewable energy sector, water and sanitation sector; mining sector; construction and innovative building sector; tourism sector; waste management sector, land transport, green economy value chains, agricultural value chains, women farmers, women in the ICT and 4IR sector; women in financial services; women in property; women in insurance sector; women in finance sector; women in SMME sector; women cooperatives; women in informal trading, among others.
BRICS Everfelt Care Economy Programme for Women
The BRICS Everfelt Care Economy Programme for Women programme is for BRICS women and entrepreneurs who are imprisoned by hate, fear, shame, guilt and oppressive circumstances

The programme seeks to serve as a catalytical empowerment tool and facilitate the process of empowerment of the mind and soul towards self-sustainability and better quality of life
Umgibe Stop Hidden Hunger Agriculture Summit
The Umgibe Stop Hidden Hunger Agriculture summit seeks to empower women and youth in farming towards sustainable and environmentally-sound development

The summit will be delivered through a Agriculture Value Chain Mall on the Move showcasing the full spectrum of the value chain processes from planting crops, growing livestock combined with resource mobilization and skills training

Women in Farming and Women in Steel have collaborated and will use the summit to showcase innovative solutions developed by women entrepreneurs such as Climate SMART Food Grower Systems

The initiative aims to drive solutions towards poverty eradication, hunger and malnutrition and improve livelihoods and enhance access to quality nutrition, water, shelter, education, health, information technology and equitable income generating opportunities
BRICS Channel Partner Programme for Women in Energy and Power
An OEM driven skills development, technology access and market access programme

Leading OEMs from all 5 countries are invited to enroll women entrepreneurs to receive technology focused (products, services, solutions and systems) training, market development support and access to credit lines
BRICS Social Tourism Roundtable
The main goal of the BRICS Social Tourism Roundtable is to bring women from the sector to a roundtable with the minister of tourism
Myyshop and SheTrade ZA/Jonga e-commerce Collaboration
A collaborative partnership between China and South Africa

Collaboration aims at utilizing to e-commerce platform to empower and connect women entrepreneurs with access to BRICS markets, information sharing and knowledge exchange platform, training and development
Jozini Farmers Imbizo
This gathering provided an opportunity for diverse stakeholders to come together and exchange ideas and strategies on how to harness the potential of smallholder farmers in South Africa to drive economic progress

Key Outcomes:
1. Empowerment of Smallholder Farmers
2. Integration of E-commerce Marketplaces
3. Contribution to Economic Growth
4. Strengthening Government-Farmer Relations
5. Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture
6. Networking and Collaboration
Breaking Barriers, Building Futures: Public-Private Partnerships and Empowering Smallholder and Women Farmer
This joint initiative aims to provide support and empowerment to smallholder and subsistence farmers, who are often neglected in the traditional agricultural value chain

The collaboration of BRICS WBA, the Agribusiness Development Agency and Agrowex Industries in this groundbreaking initiative represents a momentous step towards reshaping the agricultural sector for inclusive and sustainable progress

This initiative not only fostered a collaborative approach towards sustainable rural development but also played a crucial role in bolstering global economic growth and ensuring food security on a worldwide scale

The Russia-SA Mobility Center on BRICS
The main objective of the project is to facilitate smooth and efficient movement of people between the Republic of South Africa and the Russian Federation for purposes of education, work and tourism

The BRICS Mobility Center will provide a wide range of services catering to citizens' diverse needs, including labour migrants, tourists, students, and employers seeking foreign specialists

The project headquarters has already been established in Moscow, Russia. The founders also decided to develop a digital platform for the BRICS Mobility Center to provide convenient and expeditious services, including consultations, document preparation, and processing for labour migration
Agrowex E-Commerce Platform
This platform serves as an agriculture value chain integrator which will unite women, smallholder and subsistence farmers with buyers, funders, investors, technologies, and equipments

The platform solves the number of problems:
1. Lack of agri-inputs, equipment & implements marketplace
2. Inefficient farm production processes, knowledge and record-keeping system
3. Insufficient market information, knowledge & trade access
4. Inadequate quality produce supply to meet wholesale market demand
5. Inadequate quality farm produce supply to meet the retail local market demand
6. Insufficient availability of healthy & quality farm produce in the market
BRICS Global Television Network (BGTN) – MPower channel
The MPower TV channel is geared towards showcasing women in trade, corporate, politics, arts, culture, news, etc.
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