3rd Forum for Women Entrepreneurs “WeForum”

Country: Brazil
Status: Completed

The Women Entrepreneurs Forum “WeForum” is an exclusive space for business meetings and networking between businesswomen from different sectors and countries with the aim of promoting business, partnership, and investments.

The purpose of WeForum is to promote interaction, connection and collaboration between women around the world, enabling an ecosystem of exchange and sisterhood that aims to foster and inspire entrepreneurship and leadership, driving women’s protagonism and economic empowerment.

The focus of WeForum is to generate real business and investment possibilities, and to discuss, with major market leaders, the main thematic pillars, namely: Innovation & Technology, Industry, Finance, Infrastructure, Energy, and Consumption.

The Forum has the following goals:

• To recommend guidelines to expand women’s representation in the Industry System’s structure;

• To contribute to the formulation of policies aimed at stimulating women’s entry into the labor market and rise to management and leadership positions;

• To contribute to the development and formulation of policies for skills development, as well as training and qualification for women;

• To establish a collaboration network to expand opportunities for women-led enterprises.

The business meeting was attended by foreign buyers from different sectors and countries, representing a strategic opportunity for Brazilian businesswomen to present their products, establish partnerships and expand their contact networks.

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