BRICS Women’s Development Report 2022

Country: China
Status: Ongoing project

The BRICS countries constitute a unique economic group, whose development is of great significance for the development of the global economy. With the rise of “she power” around the world, women’s contribution to the economy and their advantages in the workplace have been increasingly acknowledged and explored. Women may become a major driving force in the economic and social development of various countries in the future. Therefore, strengthening research into the issues women face and thereby promoting gender equality in healthcare and education, helping women overcome economic barriers and increasing women’s political participation and social influence have become important development tasks for each country.

This report is prepared by BRICS Women’s Business Alliance, in the hope of providing an overview of current status and progress of women’s development in the BRICS countries. The report extensively tracks and studies the current status of women’s health, social security, education, economic opportunities and participation in decision-making and management in BRICS countries, and showcases the best practices in each country. This report also focuses on exploring the challenges and obstacles to women’s development, and actively seeks solutions that can be broadly applied with the aim of improving women’s healthcare, education and security, promoting women’s career development and increasing women’s economic and political participation.

This report is intended for everyone cared about women’s development in BRICS countries, including governments, corporates, organizations and individuals. In the future, if these findings and recommendations lead to more government actions to address women’s issues, or if some good practices can be shared within the BRICS countries, it would be our initial intention in writing this report.

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