BRICS Women’s Innovation Contest

Country: China
Status: Completed

At the BRICS Summit on 17 November 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed “the holding of the BRICS women’s innovation contest”, which received support from BRICS leaders. The BRICS Women Innovation Contest was officially launched on 25 March 2021 under the aegis of the BRICS Women Business Alliance (WBA).

As a women-oriented event, the contest aimed to share best business practices or initiatives led by women in BRICS countries and recognize outstanding female entrepreneurs among BRICS countries with their achievements in different fields and promotion of social welfare and economic development. The contest was open to all women entrepreneurs across the BRICS countries to unleash women’s potentials and innovation in the market.

The applicants were judged on a detailed criterion that included amongst other things prospects on industry and markets, application of unique technology and business model, commitment to social responsibility, and the role played in inspiring teams to commit to a shared vision.

The contest was successfully concluded with all 15 outstanding women entrepreneurs receiving the Mulan Award at the award ceremony on 30 July 2021. The outcome document BRICS Women Innovation White Paper was also presented at this event.

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