BRICS Women’s Leadership Forum

Country: China
Status: Ongoing project

The grand gathering brought together 300 influential representatives from various sectors, including government, business, academia and international relations. The Forum’s multifaceted agenda focused on empowering women across BRICS nations, with special emphasis on driving innovation and fostering seamless business cooperation.

Beyond economic growth, the event addressed vital issues concerning sustainable development and tackled crucial environmental, social responsibility and governance matters. The comprehensive discussions encompassed pivotal areas like women’s education, equal employment opportunities and the pursuit of leadership in corporate realms.

In the quest for progress, digital transformation emerged as a pivotal theme, with attendees sharing invaluable insights on how to leverage technology to empower women and bridge the digital gender divide. Notably, the Forum sought to bolster women’s innovation capabilities, recognising technology as a driving force behind inclusive economic growth.

This remarkable Forum was a resounding success, reinforcing the commitment of BRICS nations to support and uplift women entrepreneurs, foster innovative collaborations and champion a more sustainable and equitable future for all. As we move forward, the BRICS Women’s Leadership Forum stands as an unwavering beacon of progress, driving women’s empowerment and fostering an environment conducive to meaningful change and advancement.

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