The Common Approach to Tourism Development and Transport Safety in the BRICS Countries

Country: Russia
Status: Supported project

One of the crucial aspects that influences the development of tourism is transport security since the transport branch is the main type of service in tourism. The share of tourism in global GDP is more than 10%. The BRICS countries have huge tourist flows (3.2 billion people).

In 2023, the Russia Chapter suggested that it is better to simplify and systemise administrative and regulatory procedures and requirements within the BRICS. This practice would increase the level of comfort and safety on rail and road transport in the bloc.

Russia Chapter developed and shared a questionnaire, taking into account the proposals and interests of business representatives – tour operators, insurance companies, rail and bus transport operators, manufacturers of equipment and solutions in fire safety, etc. To date, feedback is being collected from the Alliance members. The received information will become the basis for the preparation of the BRICS WBA proposals on the common approach to transport and tourism safety in the BRICS.

In June 2023, members of the BRICS WBA Working Group on Creative Industries and Tourism agreed to
strengthen the working group with the involvement of relevant experts and representatives in tourism development and transport safety on road and rail transportation. The Working group members will hold a separate meeting dedicated to this topic on the sidelines of the XV BRICS Summit.

Project’s leader: Elena Chashchina.

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