Launch of the BRICS Country Centers in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Mozambique

Country: South Africa
Status: New

The Moscow Declaration of the 12th BRICS Summit marked a significant milestone in the acceptance of the Declaration on the formation of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance (WBA). The Alliance offers a robust framework for advancing women’s economic empowerment and advancement across the BRICS nations, with the goal of enhancing the contribution of women as key drivers of economic growth.

The South African Chapter of BRICS Women’s Business Alliance (BRICS WBA-SA) is a recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering economic cooperation and women empowerment within the BRICS framework of cooperation. Its headquarters are strategically located in Sandton, South Africa, where it operates with a clear mission and a commitment to advancing women-owned businesses.

With an impressive and growing membership base, the Alliance is currently home to 225 womenowned enterprises across South Africa, ranging from small startups to medium-sized businesses and state-owned agencies.

To sustain its dynamic operations and drive its core mission of economic cooperation with women entrepreneurs and MSMEs at the centre of economic growth, the BRICS WBA-SA has recently established a robust and diversified funding model, comprising two essential components:

  • Membership Fee Base;
  • Empowering Women for Economic Growth;
  • Strategic Synergy with Key Partners;
  • Government Departments;
  • State-Owned Agencies;
  • Private Sector Corporations;
  • International Engagement.

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