Digital Literacy and Digital Financial Literacy Training Programmes

Country: India
Status: Completed

Digital technologies are pivotal in promoting financial inclusion by providing access to affordable and convenient financial services. In collaboration with the Mann Deshi Foundation, digital literacy and digital financial literacy sessions were conducted, focusing on empowering women entrepreneurs with essential skills in cash management utilising digital tools. These sessions aimed to facilitate connectivity with larger markets, facilitate business payments, prepare comprehensive business plans, and ultimately enhance their financial control and decision-making capabilities.

The members of the BRICS WBA have been deliberating upon the importance of holding such programs as these act as the critical enablers of empowerment of women. Encouraging necessary efforts in this area was also highlighted as one of the key recommendations of the BRICS WBA JWG on Inclusive Economy. In this context, the India Chapter organized several module-based training programs to enhance the digital and technical skills of women, especially rural women. This can go a long way in promoting inclusion amongst women both digitally and financially.

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